Let Art be Fun!!!

Benson has caused quite a stir in a few of my family members and friends since he came about a few months ago. He's an 8' tall Sasquatch cutout of plywood, painted with exterior water-based paint, and sealed with a Rust-oleum acrylic clear coat. We consider him to be a Mobile Mural. And he's a lot of fun as long as you know where he's at.  


There's a long story behind Benson and how he came about. It basically started with a "Bigfoot" sighting in Alaska on a family vacation a few years back. Then came the questions, curiosities and jokes. For the ones who saw it, they know what they saw. And for the other's (like my Mom), it became an opportunity. Occasional t-shirts and decals were great gifts over the years as a reminder of the sighting. 

Then, earlier in 2018 my parents took a road trip from Clifton, Texas to Branson, Missouri. On the way home Mom spotted some great carved wood sculptures of Bigfoot and had a brilliant idea. "What if we made a life size Sasquatch and set it at [cousin's] house at the end of their drive?!" she asked. "It would be such a great joke!" 

When they got home, Dad brought over the and I got to painting. First I painted him straight onto the piece of plywood. It's a little challenging painting on plywood, as it absorbs a lot of the paint. A few of black and it was ready for the color. After the painting was complete, Mom cut him out with her saw and install bracing and handles along his back. After that, he took of to make his first appearance. 


The story goes on as family members, unsuspecting friends and dogs had sightings of Benson around Bosque County. Even the lawn guys at one residence got a scare. He's not meant to be scary though, he's really a friendly guy just looking for a friend and maybe a hairbrush. 

Benson even made an appearance at my cousin's husband's retirement party. It was a big day as he served almost 24 years in the Air Force, and will now go to be a math teacher. Benson was a fun addition to the celebration!

The best part of creating Benson is that our family and friends have had so much fun moving him to his next appearance, and plotting who to prank next. It goes to show how art and a creative idea can go a long way. It took a little work, but we all had so much fun with him!

Art can bring joy and laughter for the pure sake of joy and laughter to our lives. This act of creation created a fun experience for so many people. It was truly a unique way of sharing art with others. Just shows how a great idea with a little bit of elbow grease can go a long way.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try” – Dr. Seuss

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